2017. augusztus 2., szerda

[ENG] Help wanted! Let's translate together!

Dear Airens!

I've started to translate from English into Hungarian the episodes of New Journey to the West Season 1. I want to translate all of the episodes, but as you know there isn’t English sub for a special episode which is the part 11-1 "Time limit is 30 minutes! Dragon Ball Individual Mission!"

The motto of the Black Panthers is 안되면 되게 하라, means "making the impossible possible". This is my motto, too. If there isn’t English (or any other subs in any languages I can understand), I have to work from Korean. I study Korean and with the help of dictonary I've surprisingly understood a lot from the episode. But the sub is still imcomplete, I can't finish it.

So I decided to ask for help. Is there any fan who can speak Korean, or someone who study Korean and is able to understand it? Or do you know someone who could help me to finish the sub? 

Don’t worry about Hungarian, I'll translate the sub into English. It means if I and my helpers will finish the text, it will be available for everybody.

If you could and want to help, please write an e-mail for lsghungarianfanpage@gmail.com to talk about details.

Let’s translate this special episode together!

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