2017. október 22., vasárnap

ENG SUB - New Journey to the West 11-1 Special Episode

Hi Airens from all over the world!

Are you interested in New Journey to the West Season 1 Special episode? Do you want to see it with English subtitle? Then continue.

The BTS story of this translation: I wanted to translate all of the NJttW's episodes from English into Hungarian, but as you know, there wasn't an English sub for the 11-1 episode. But it has changed.
I started to work on it many weeks ago. It was very diffucult. I study Korean, but my knowledge isn't enough to translate a whole video. But I had a crazy idea and I've tried it. It isn't perfect, is incomplet, can be some fault in it, but this is all what I could do. Maybe it can help for non-Korean speaking fans to understand the situation. I hope so.
Sorry that my work isn't the best, but I think this was the maximum from me.

Video and English subtitle are available via the links.

Enjoy it!

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