2018. január 12., péntek

[ENG POST] Happy birthday Lee Seung Gi!

Since Korea is before us in time, there is 13 of January there. Airens of the world celebrate Lee Seung Gi’s birthday. Many fans have written messages on social sites and/or on the page of LSGKWA where there is a surprise for the Hungarian fans. Our country’s name is written among the others. This is a real happiness and a big honor for us. Thank you LSGKWA! And I’m grateful for the small team of Hungarian fans who has participated in it. It isn’t late to join, the page is open, send you birthday messages to Lee Seung Gi.

On the other hand, there was an only Hungarian idea to collect the messages from Hungarian Airens to Lee Seung Gi’s birthday. These can be read on the pic in English, as well, in the blog and on social pages.
The style is a bit simple, but all the messages are sincerely.


Happy birthday Lee Seung Gi!

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